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Title: Savant
Prompt: #007 - Reiryoku
Character/Pairing: Ichigo
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
A/N: I literally dreamed that I started writing this, and then I woke up and went, "Oh, I guess I have an idea after all!"

Ichigo's friends and allies treat their awareness of reiryoku like a sixth sense, as simple to manipulate as their eyesight. It's different for him. He cannot sense it and does not care to - rarely even thinks about it. It doesn't matter to him how strong his enemy is.

But every now and again someone's spiritual power weighs down on him forcefully or teases at the edge of his awareness with familiarity or oddity, inspiring him to open up his senses and reach for what he doesn't understand.

He is a creature of instinct, steeped in battle and shaped by his bonds to others.

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Excellent drabble. Ichigo's instinct for things is amazing.