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Name:bleach 100
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Community description:a bleach (ブリーチ) drabble challenge community

A drabble is a short (technically 100 word) story.
Bleach is a Japanese manga (& anime) series created by Kubo Tite.
Like the many other drabble100 communities out there, this comm is for drabble-writing challenges.

Weekly Challenges
Every Monday evening a one or two word challenge will be posted. For the next seven days drabbles can be posted for the specified topic. (How you choose to interpret the prompt is up to you.) You may only respond to the current challenge. However, every 10th challenge will be a Remainder Period, wherein all previous challenges will be open again. So if you missed the deadline for a specific prompt, just hold onto it until the Remainder Period rolls around.

There is no limit to the number of drabbles you can write.

How to Post
Title your post however you wish. (If you're at a loss, it's it's customary to note the challenge and/or character/pairing.) Please use a standard header for your fic. Example:
Title: (optional -- if not specified, archivers will generally use the challenge word)
Author: (optional, since your username is on the post)
Prompt: (weekly challenge # and word)
Fandom: (optional, unless the drabble is a crossover)
A/N: (optional)
Summary: (optional, if you use a cut-tag)
If you are posting more than 150 words, a drabble that is rated NC-17 or contains triggery content, or a drabble that contains spoilers for an episode/movie/book that came out in the past 3 months, please use a cut.

Please tag your fic with "challengeXXX" (where XXX is the number of the challenge you're responding to), 'chara: character(s)inthedrabble' and 'author: yourusername'. Creating new tags is limited to maintainers, so if you don't have an appropriate tag it's okay -- the moderator will go back and tag any posts that are missing tags each week.

( Wordcount Specifics )
100 (or 200) words exactly gets you the most brownie points, but we're not terribly strict around here so all other word counts up to 250 words are allowed. 250 words is where we draw the line, though -- no fics over this number are permitted. You may, however, post ficlets composed of a series of drabbles that fit these criteria (for example, a 5x double drabble that would add up to a total of 1000 words), or unlimited numbers of sequels to your drabbles. Word count is on the honor system, since places like Word Count Tool or Cut & Paste Word Count generally don't give the same number.

( What content qualifies for a drabble? )
Any story about any character from any Bleach medium. Manga, anime, rock musical (etc) are all acceptable. Any genre, any category, any trope. Crossovers are allowed, but keep in mind this is a Bleach centered community, and we'd prefer to keep the emphasis on Bleach.

( Does my drabble have to contain the prompt somewhere in the text or title? )
As long as the prompt is in some way vaguely related to what you write then that's fine! We don't police that at all, so feel free to be creative.

( Can I post my drabble somewhere else? )
Yes! Cross-posting is highly encouraged, and a link back to [community profile] bleach100 is always appreciated.

( Can I repost an old drabble? )
No. If you have a past drabble that fits this week's challenge and you'd like to share it, feel free to link to it in a comment on the challenge post, though.

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this community took a lot of its foundation from the lovely [community profile] femslash100, which is a very well organized community.
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