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Title: Overcoming
Prompt: #006 - Gap
Character/Pairing: Chad, Renji
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
A/N: I accidentally wrote about Renji again, but Chad and Ichigo were the first thing to leap to my mind.

Chad doesn't pretend to know why Abarai does anything: he doesn't know why Abarai has come to Urahara or why Abarai agreed to train him.

But there's something alike in them that he recognizes in the heat of battle, the moment when weapons cross and resonate with a perfect synchronicity: they both stand before a yawning chasm of ability that makes them feel small and powerless, and they are both desperate to overcome it.

Someday Chad will catch up to Ichigo. He has to believe in that. Maybe Abarai will reach whatever he's chasing, too... but that's up to him.
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